A Great Ripping Sound

A Word from Dr. Henry Falany

October 16, 2017

There is “A great ripping sound!” Can you hear it? It is the sound of God taking His country back. The liberals on the left are screaming. They are horrified. They H & G Rose Bowl 11 11 11 thought they had this country completely controlled, and in the natural it looked like they did. But as I have been preaching for years, “God is not done with America – Her greatest days are still ahead!” This is His country, and it was established by Him for a very special purpose. That purpose will not be fulfilled until He personally takes over in Jerusalem, and America is not going down before that.

I am reminded of the ’92 elections when Ross Perot was running for president and he frequently used the phrase “A great sucking sound,” referring to the sound of US jobs heading south for Mexico should NAFTA, the proposed so-called free-trade agreement, go into effect.

But now, similarly, we hear “A great ripping sound” as the sounds of hate and desperation are coming from those who did not like the America that some of us grew up in and loved so much. They were convinced that the numbers were all in their favor – that the takers now out-numbered the givers so they could control the leftist/welfare state of this once great nation.

What they didn’t see coming was that God has another plan. He is snatching our country away from them. He is by ripping it out of their hands and bringing it back to be a common-sense, conservatively run nation. The opposition is in shock and disbelief with what is happening and they cannot stop it.

Listen, this nation sat here between two great oceans, like two huge motes, totally untouched by other nations until the last few centuries. Then, in 1620, He established the New Testament Colony of Plymouth where He birthed the Christian nation of The United States of America. He brought the multitudes to its shores to build the greatest country in history, with people from all nationalities. Now being an American is not a genetic factor; it, is a spirit. America is made up of all races from all nations to stand strong for those nations.

America is the undisputed leader anointed by God to preach the Gospel all over the world. And with the mightiest military it stands for good all over the world. And most of all, it stands side-by-side with His Israel, who has many times had to stand alone.

God breathed into His intercessors (The Church), the spiritual anchor of this nation. They responded by the millions with the roar of The Lion of Judah. The White House is not the hope of this nation, the church is. President Trump is not the redeemer, the Lord is – with His prayer warriors, the church. Trump is a tool, like a Cyrus. I sincerely believe that he was prepared and toughened for this hour. He came in as ruffian bully and a baby Christian, but now I see him growing in the Lord and invoking God and prayer more and more.

I predict – as the jobs and salaries increase, the economy booms, the military strengthens, and many other problems get solved – many, not all, but many, are going to quit screaming and begin cheering this nation. The ripping sound will eventually decrease – maybe even disappear. The tide is going to turn. The pendulum is swinging back with a crushing force.

There is “A great ripping sound!” Can you hear it?

Somebody say “Thank You Jesus!”

And keep praying!!!

“God Bless America!!”

May the Good Lord Take A Likin’ to ya!

Henry & Grace Falany