The Liberal Democratic Agenda

More Taxes

    • Raise income tax – Reverse the recent tax cuts
    • Increase the gas tax – again!
    • Increase vehicle registration fees – again!
    • Increase corporation taxes – again!
    • Increase property taxes!

Abuse of “Environmental Regulations”

    • Mandate that 50% of the state’s water goes out to sea
    • Limit the use of home water to 50 gal per person, per day-with a $1000 a day fine, for overuse!
    • Deny water to farmers, in order to “save” non-existent delta smelt

Welcome Illegals from Around the Globe

    • Open the borders wide.
    • Make the whole state a sanctuary for illegals from around the globe.
    • Give all illegals free education, free health care, free phones, subsidized housing, food stamps and welfare.
    • Do not enforce federal green card requirements, for hiring.
    • Do not enforce federal laws to deport illegals with criminal records.
    • Do not enforce state laws to “pay into the system” in order to qualify for free services.

Need More?

    • Promote abortion, up to the 9th month of pregnancy
    • Legalize homosexual marriage
    • Lower the age of consent to 14
    • Deny parents the right to opt-out their children from homosexual and “Sex Ed” lessons.
    • Deny parents the right to be notified when homosexual and “Sex Ed” lessons are taught.
    • Prosecute parents who use benign spanking to correct their children.
    • Remove the church’s right to counsel according to Biblical values.
    • Distribute “morning after” pills on college campuses.
    • Appoint ultra-liberal judges to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
    • Misuse transportation funds, while our roads and highways crumble.
    • Provide free college tuition for all. (Hint: Who pays for it?)
    • The train to nowhere – the over budget $77 billion Bullet Train

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