About This Site

Recently, Dr. A. L. (Papa) and Joyce Gill joined Grace and myself for a private retreat at a friend’s secluded guest ranch house in the hills near Salinas, Ca. During one of our many powerful prayer times there by the fireplace the prophetic began to flow through the Gills. The word was that there was a call for us to encourage the people to wake up, stand up, stir up and vote. We immediately felt a witness to that word. This web site, and the corresponding videos, is our response to that mandate. Our only agenda is to encourage believers to get informed and then vote in the upcoming elections, and to encourage everyone they know to do the same.

Henry’s Video Series

Be Encouraged!

Video 30 of the “Voice For California” series. by Dr. Henry Falany Filmed At The Majestic Ahwahnee Hotel In Yosemite National Park America and California are not going under! They are going over – Their greatest days are still ahead!