Varney On California

Varney on California
“Paying for grand government schemes is the Democrats’ problem all across the country, it’s not just California.” —Varney & Co.

Posted by Fox Business Voices on Saturday, September 8, 2018

A total reversal for Varney. He is witnessing a miracle in California. God is taking the Golden State back!! We met John Cox last week at an event in the vineyards of Lodi and gave him my book “God, Gold & Glory!” He graciously received it and said he wanted to connect with us. His slogan is “Clean out the barn.” Ha! You know what you are shoveling when you clean out the barn? We are presently putting together a new web site called “A Voice for California “. To keep the positive word about California before the people and encourage “the body” to “Wake up, Stand up, Stir up, and vote!!! “. It’s all part of taking America back!!! So let us know what you think and we are open to all good ideas.