God’s Country # 2 – America and California

Video 28 of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

Mid October 2019

Still on location in the high Sierras Henry continues with an encouraging Word about seeing basic truths and standing in faith concerning America and California.

The Mayflower Compact and the Preamble of the California State Constitution are referred to as basic truths to stand on.

In this message he also encourages folks to re-read in the Book of Numbers chapters 13 & 14. The 12 spies were sent into the promised land to check it out and bring back a report to Moses.

This is where we find out that stating facts can be an evil report in God’s ears. It is also a clear picture of how serious God is about our faith in what he promises to give us. Do we compare giants (adversity) in the land to our own power and stature or do we have faith in a much bigger God?

Henry encourages the saints to get excited, don’t quit, and don’t leave California poorly.

Believe God!

California’s and America’s greatest days are ahead!!