Intercessors In The Nations Are Standing And Praying For California!

Video 18 of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

First – Happy Thanksgiving On This Glorious Day From Grace And Me!

Here I am introducing two tremendously anointed young men who have been traveling the globe at the leading of the Holy Spirit. With both at 26 years of age Grace & I are more than impressed with their extraordinary revelation and understanding of the things of the Spirit and what God is doing today.

They have a revelation of the importance of California on the global scene and they will share with you what they have seen and experienced on that subject among believers in their travels, especially in Asia.

Their names are Lion Cooke from Atlanta and Emmanuel Kilem from Israel. They are further confirmation to us that God is raising up a whole new generation of young world-changers that do not fit the old mold or conventional rule book.

They blessed us last night by joining us as house guests and today for Thanksgiving Dinner. Their testimony is particularly interesting because, although neither of them are Californians, they have a heart and passion for this state – and they are obeying the Holy Spirit by traveling extensively around California to pray and decree over the gates of the land.

You can see more about them and their anointed travels on Facebook.

Emmanuel Kilem, Ryan Cooke: “Valientes De David”