California, The Land Of Revival!

Video 21 of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

Filmed at Pismo Beach, California. (Please excuse the wind and sound quality and Grace says her wind-blown hair, ha!)

Henry & Grace share that California is a land of revival and emphasize that revival is the only thing that will turn our state and nation around. They also encourage us that God has sent many revivals (AKA great awakenings, or uncommon moves of the Holy Spirit) to America – so if we unify and focus our prayers on revival God will respond.

Because most prayer groups are focused on “the issues,” like abortion, or sex trafficking, etc., Henry calls this “Shooting some sacred cows” because he encourages us to minor, or even drop the issues, and major on revival. His reasoning is when God steps out in an uncommon way He will deal profoundly with all the issues. “When the tide comes in all boats rise.”

“Lord, send revival to California!”

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