Let’s Focus on REVIVAL!!

Video 22 of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

A word to encourage our prayer focus on Revival or a Great Awakening. When all of the intercessors in California begin to focus and target – “constrain” the Lord to step into California in an uncommon and powerful way He will respond – and He will take care of our issues. He will heal the land!!! This message is a cry for unity in prioritizing our prayers for REVIVAL – a visitation that becomes a habitation!!!

Please forward this to all of the prayer groups that you know!!

California, The Land Of Revival!

Video 21 of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

Filmed at Pismo Beach, California. (Please excuse the wind and sound quality and Grace says her wind-blown hair, ha!)

Henry & Grace share that California is a land of revival and emphasize that revival is the only thing that will turn our state and nation around. They also encourage us that God has sent many revivals (AKA great awakenings, or uncommon moves of the Holy Spirit) to America – so if we unify and focus our prayers on revival God will respond.

Because most prayer groups are focused on “the issues,” like abortion, or sex trafficking, etc., Henry calls this “Shooting some sacred cows” because he encourages us to minor, or even drop the issues, and major on revival. His reasoning is when God steps out in an uncommon way He will deal profoundly with all the issues. “When the tide comes in all boats rise.”

“Lord, send revival to California!”

Please see www.VoiceForCalifornia.com for the full series of videos.

VFC Video # 20

Video 20 of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

Pastor Henry reiterating on “Concerning California what do you see and what do you say.”

Folks are encouraged to come into unity with God – and follow Abraham who “believed God” and “called things which be not as though they were.”

This activates 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Psalm 133 which bottom line with two great promises- God will heal the land & God will command the blessing!

Shout “Amen!” Somebody!!!

Continued From Video 19 A

Video 19 B of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

As video 19 A was shot indoors at the hotel Henry & Grace went outside to do a 30 second clip of the snow and Yosemite falls to be included with Video A. A small snow storm had just ended that morning and a much larger one was approaching as they filmed. Yosemite Valley was a breath-taking winter wonderland.

Regarding California, What Do You See And What Do You Say?

Video 19 A of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

Recorded in the Beautiful Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite on January 6, 2019

Here Henry presents a challenge and encouragement to the California believers.

When it comes to your opinion of California what do you see and what are you saying. Jesus says in Matthew 12:34 “… for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

There are two realities at hand – what the devil is doing, and what God is doing. Are you taken up with the reality of what the adversary is doing in the Golden State and talking about that all the time? Or are you excited because you see what God is doing, and consequently you are speaking wonderful faith-filled things over California?

If we were all to come together and speak the blessing, and … “calleth those things which be not as though they were,” “God will command the blessing!”

Intercessors In The Nations Are Standing And Praying For California!

Video 18 of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

First – Happy Thanksgiving On This Glorious Day From Grace And Me!

Here I am introducing two tremendously anointed young men who have been traveling the globe at the leading of the Holy Spirit. With both at 26 years of age Grace & I are more than impressed with their extraordinary revelation and understanding of the things of the Spirit and what God is doing today.

They have a revelation of the importance of California on the global scene and they will share with you what they have seen and experienced on that subject among believers in their travels, especially in Asia.

Their names are Lion Cooke from Atlanta and Emmanuel Kilem from Israel. They are further confirmation to us that God is raising up a whole new generation of young world-changers that do not fit the old mold or conventional rule book.

They blessed us last night by joining us as house guests and today for Thanksgiving Dinner. Their testimony is particularly interesting because, although neither of them are Californians, they have a heart and passion for this state – and they are obeying the Holy Spirit by traveling extensively around California to pray and decree over the gates of the land.

You can see more about them and their anointed travels on Facebook.

Emmanuel Kilem, Ryan Cooke: “Valientes De David”

The Lion Of Judah Is Stepping Into California

Here Papa Gill is reading the powerful word from Lana Vawser that was released this past spring. He was so impressed by this prophetic word that he went to his studio and recorded it with his anointed voice into an audio.

With all the warfare going on in the Golden State right now it is good to occasionally hit the refresh button on what God has already said. Many times, whether it be in our personal lives or over something much bigger, right after a powerful prophetic word is released all hell breaks loose. That doesn’t mean the word was false, many times it means God saw things coming and He releases HIS prophetic plans to give us truth and hope to hang on to through it all. In the end God’s word will ring true and California is revival land!!!

Be encouraged and enjoy Papa Gill’s recording.

The Separation Of Church And State

Video 16 of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

From the grounds of the Mariposa Museum and History Center – standing in the midst of a massive display of 276 American flags on Veteran’s Day.

The statement originated by Thomas Jefferson was meant to keep the state out of the church. A message to the body that we need to be absolute and bold about praying and decreeing the church back into the government. We must be in agreement that we need God back in our schools and committed Christian leaders in all branches of our government.

The Future Of California Remains Bright

Video 15 of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

A post mid-term election message for the believers to remain strong. God still has a wonderful plan for California and America, and He is in control and knows exactly what He is doing.

A Time For Revolution

Video 14 of the “Voice For California” series.

by Dr. Henry Falany

Filmed at Sonoma State Historic Park on the grounds of the Bear Flag Revolt in Sonoma, Ca. A message that we are in a time of revolution again to take our land. Also a challenge to the liberals that call themselves Christians… where is the outrage?